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Cisco Lifecycle Advantage Q & A

Dear partner,

Cisco invites you to participate in a webinar on the new Cisco Lifecycle Advantage program. It is a partner-driven digital program that helps develop customer relationships and maximize recurring revenue. Lifecycle Advantage guides your customers throughout the product lifecycle with a series of automated collaborative emails.

Lifecycle Advantage Program:

  • Stimulates service sales-reminding customers who have recently purchased Cisco equipment what benefits can be gained by purchasing a Cisco service.
  • Accelerates implementation - provides support to customers in terms of operation, offers the best ways to use the software
  • Simplifies the extension of service contracts-reminds the customer about the end of service contracts, gives recommendations on the extension of service contracts and software.
  • Offers timely updates-uses product information approaching the last day of support (LDOS) to help customers upgrade their network. As the end of support for your products approaches, it helps you transition to a new technology.
  • Learn more about the capabilities of the Lifecycle Advantage program at the webinar, which is held in Russian.
  • This webinar is designed to familiarize you with the details of the program and answer all your questions. In the attached files you will find the program manual and frequently asked questions.

Date and time: October 3, Thursday, 12: 30 (GMT)

Duration: 1 hour